Image Guided Surgery

Mar 30 2016

Image Guided Surgery


Image-guided surgery (IGS) is the use of a real-time imaging data set that reflects the precise location of a selected surgical instrument to the surrounding anatomic structures. Furthermore, minimally invasive and non-invasive treatments, such as radiation surgery, ultrasonic surgery, robotic surgery and angioplasty, require a highly detailed three dimensional view to be effective and minimize collateral damage.



Currently available for IGS stereoscopic 3D is distinctly different from displaying an image in three full dimensions. There are several critical drawbacks of stereoscopic systems:

  • The observer's head and eye movement do not increase information about the 3-dimensional objects being displayed.
  • The mismatch between convergence and accommodation causes eye fatigue and discomfort.


Both are summarized in citation from surgeon - «... talking to a neurosurgeon who was among the first to use a 3D HD endoscopy system built by Visionsense a few years ago. He said he was looking forward to the day when he could perform surgeries by looking at a 3D display rather than having to wear polarized glasses...»

LightSpace Technologies volumetric display provides native depth perception of real time 3D visualization of reconstructed MRI, X-ray CT or ultrasonic 3D image and requires no special eyewear, produces no eyestrain and requires no special viewing location. Looking at 3D images in the display is exactly like looking at real objects.

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