Cargo and luggage 3D screening

Sep 30 2014

Luggage 3D screening


The fundamental challenges in baggage and cargo screening are:

  • Throughput - baggage and cargo screeners must evaluate an enormous number of pieces of baggage or cargo in a short period. This limits the screener to only a few seconds to examine each piece.
  • Reliability - It is vitally important that screeners do not inadvertently permit contraband onto aircraft or ships, i.e. zero false negatives. Mistakes damage the confidence of the public, and encourage criminals that they can possibly succeed.
  • Skill set - Baggage and cargo screeners generally have skill sets associated with the security field and may not have the skills required to extract a 3D mental representation of the contents of a bag or cargo container from a 2D x-ray image on a computer monitor without extensive training.
  • Cost - 3D baggage scanning equipment, mandated by the US Congress, can cost upwards of $1 Million each. The total value of this asset is only obtained if the screener can form a complete 3D mental representation of a bag's contents that is sufficiently accurate to identify contraband. Employing an inexpensive 2D display to show complex 3D data generated by expensive 3D scanning equipment dramatically compromises the value of the scanning investment.


The LightSpace 3D Volumetric display is a solid-state 3D computer monitor that produces physically deep, truly 3D images. Viewing these images requires no special eyewear, produces no eyestrain and requires no special viewing location. Looking at 3D images in this display is exactly like looking at real 3D objects.


Cargo 3D screening of rail carriages, trucks, containers.


because the 3D information is not presented in a natural 3D fashion, the screener is strained to perform the 2D-to-3D mental conversion. This leads to mental fatigue with a concomitant loss of accuracy. The result is a further loss of throughput and reliability, and an increase in the number of screeners and scanners needed to maintain an acceptable level of performance.




The LightSpace 3D Volumetric Display eliminates the need to convert 3D information into a 2D image. This critical step enables the screener to use all of their mental faculties to identify contraband instead of performing 2D-to-3D mental conversions. The result is greater throughput and accuracy and greater overall value obtained from expensive 3D baggage scanning equipment.



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