x-Series Volumetric 3D Display x1406A

Mar 23 2017

x1406A Real-Time Volumetric True 3D Image Display



Model recommended to be used as true 3D image display for professional daily use at short viewing distances for displaying 3D content. Ensures matched accommodation and parallax eye depth cues for all displayed 3D content. Substantially reduces eye fatigue that are typically created by short viewing distance stereo 3D displays.

Status: Available for orders, deliveries from 2017Q2. Available for demonstration, rent, purchase. Order code: x1406A

Upgrade from previous concept model x1405

  • Reduced weight, size and acoustic noise of fans.
  • Introduced a new light engine with increased brightness, color depth and added "white" self calibration option.
  • Introduced grayscale operating mode.


x1406A Display System Specifications *)

Image size and viewing characteristics

  • 395 x 295 x 100mm deep multilayer LCD image volume (19” front diagonal)
  • 90° field of view with full motion parallax in both horizontal and vertical dimensions
  • All solid-state system – NO moving parts, solid state light sources
  • Front-viewed display system with Cartesian display geometry (x, y, z)
  • NO encumbering eyewear
  • NO eye tracking
  • Arbitrary viewing distance
  • Supports multiple simultaneous viewers


Display operation modes (software switchable), resolution, refresh, update rate and color depth

  • 1024 x 768 transverse pixels x 20 depth planes = 15.7 million physical addressable voxels
  • Perceivable 1024 x 768 x 50 voxels
  • Perceivable depth resolution increases by using patented Anti-Aliasing projection technology
  • Useable color depth up to 24 bit per voxel (RGB each color up to 8 bit per voxel)
  • Asyncronous operation with different optical and image update frame rates in the system due to high speed frame buffer
  • Image optical refresh rates in relation to color depth and achievable light intensity:
    • 30 fps (full 3D frames per second) at 24bpv (8bpc, 75% of max light intensity)
    • 40 fps at 18bpv (6bpc, 80% of max light intensity)
    • 55 fps at 18bpv (6bpc, 60% of max light intensity)
    • 55 fps at 12bit grayscale mode
  • Image update rate limited by DisplayPort 1.2 max data transfer speed – 17.28Gbps:
    • 45 fps at 24bpv (8bpc) achievable with custom developed video card - x1403PCI-DP
    • 20 fps at 24bpv  with standard NVIDIA Quadro M, P-series adapter


Computer and software compatibility

  • Data transfer interface – standard DisplayPort 1.2
  • Compatible with standard NVIDIA Quadro M, P series - 4K display card with DisplayPort 1.2
  • Requires high speed data transfer motherboards with one free PCI-e Gen2 x8 socket
  • SDK and engineering support package include drivers and application examples for both – Linux and Windows 7, 10 operating systems for x1403PCI-DP and Windows 7, 10 drivers for NVIDIA Quadro M, P - series Display Port card


Physical Specifications (estimated)

  • System Power Requirements: 200W
  • Display unit power inlet - DC 12V, 18A
  • Supplied with DC 12V adapter for mains 85-265VAC 50-60Hz 250W
  • Weight: 35kg
  • Dimensions – unit can be mounted in 19” rack or used as desktop display
  • Display stand available as accessory - 1406 STAND



*) All specifications subject to change without notice.




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