Second generation 3D volumetric displays

Apr 29 2016

Second generation 3D Volumetric displays


X series represent full redesign of  first generation z1024 and DC1203 display models. All models have modular build-up where each of building blocks can be easily retrofitted. The base architecture of X series is 1-chip DLP based system that incorporates of a number of new features intended to significantly increase overall system performance while reducing cost. These include:

  • Use of DisplayPort 1.2 to interface directly from NVIDIA Quadro K series graphics cards
  • 1-chip XGA DMD RGB light modulator
  • Solid state illumination engine based on RGB power LED sources
  • Low voltage power inlet, to be easily integrated in mobile platforms


Listed above and some other new innovations allow to develop OEM configurations for various applications, while keeping standard building modules to reduce cost. 

Current model x1406A comprises 19" diagonal; 4" deep; 20 layer electrically controllable screen, 19" rack mountable or desctop enclosure

Model recommended to be used as true 3D image display for professional daily use at short viewing distances for displaying 3D content. Ensures matched accommodation and parallax eye depth cues for all displayed 3D content. Substantially reduces eye fatigue that are typically created by short viewing distance stereo 3D displays.

Status: Available for orders, deliveries from 2017Q2. Available for demonstration, rent, purchase. Order code: x1406A

Some other demonstration models with different screen sizes and architecture under development.

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