We know you’re already the best at what you do, but the ever-changing world demands constant improvement. Transform the way you work and be one step ahead!


SURGERY SUPPORT Keep your eyes on the patient – AR headset can overlay photorealistic, real-time patient data, enhancing your ability to diagnose, treat, and perform surgery more precisely than ever before.

IMMERSIVE TRAINING Going through a task as many times as you want without any risk – AR makes it possible. Training in AR is interactive, helping students to use theory in the practical world, and allowing doctors to prepare for the most challenging medical scenarios. Improve procedural understanding before operations by planning your work or replaying a previously performed surgery.

THE NEXT LEVEL OF COLLABORATION AR can connect you with colleagues around the world. Train and collaborate with other professionals on real medical scenarios, transferring knowledge. Improve your way of working, communication and readiness for any cases. Perform procedures while simultaneously interacting with your colleagues for additional assistance in real-time.


Manufacturing is still mostly dominated by manual operations. Naturally, human factor means a higher risk of errors, and it takes more resources to find and fix any mistakes. Interactive, real-time visualizations provided by augmented reality headset could be a solution that significantly increases the production quality.

Lightspace Optical Reality integrated in the production process provides a 3D image that shows its operator a step-by-step product assembly guide.