Lightspace takes part in the world’s first NATO operational 5G experiment

LMT, a mobile telecommunications operator, has launched a pilot Battlefield Information Management System project and has chosen Lightspace as its partner.  The Mission Management System is an end-to-end situational awareness platform that facilitates safe and effective collaboration, interoperability, and information exchange among individuals and technical components in missions. The system works through augmented reality headsets… Continue reading Lightspace takes part in the world’s first NATO operational 5G experiment

Lightspace awarded at “Go Global Awards”

Lightspace is delighted and thankful to receive a “Go Global Awards” prize.The company’s contribution to the field of medical technology was well received & highlighted by the International Trade Council & EAS – Enterprise Estonia.We are glad that our technology has been noticed on a global scale – it is a powerful sign for us to continue reaching… Continue reading Lightspace awarded at “Go Global Awards”

A new CTO – Krišs Osmanis

Lightspace team welcomes a new CTO – Krišs Osmanis! We are happy to announce that the responsibility is passed on between generations, as former CTO Ilmars Osmanis hands over the position to Krišs. Ilmars, our innovator, will now lead the Innovation Department, where new concepts will be developed. The new CTO is leading the Product Development Department, including… Continue reading A new CTO – Krišs Osmanis


Lightspace presents at TechChill

Lightspace was one of the stops of the annual TechChill media tour by Truesix! We were selected as the highlight of local startups and had a chance to present our unique Optical Reality headset to a team of international media representatives.


Firmware testing

Product development wouldn’t be imaginable without our firmware team. Take a peek inside the Optical Reality headset! This is what our firmware engineers see during their day-to-day work on ensuring our product functionality and robustness. The world’s first Optical Reality headset is available to order now! Learn more:

Order the world’s first Optical Reality headset!

We have invented the world’s first multi-focal technology that uses multiple screens for eye accommodation that comes as close to natural viewing as possible. We call it #OpticalReality. Get to know the most powerful professional AR tool – contact our product experts to find the best solution for your business needs:✉️ [email protected]


Lightspace on Delfi Latvia

High-tech and augmented reality weapons for Ukraine: an article about Lightspace and Defend Ukraine campaign on Delfi Latvia. Read the article here (on Latvian).


Lightspace on TV3 news

Lightspace CEO Madara Kalniņa-Kalnmale has been interviewed on TV3 news about the campaign we have launched as a response to Ukraine’s request for help. Watch the video & learn more (ENG subtitles available).

Over 60 000€ raised in Defend Ukraine campaign!

Our Ukrainian friends have asked to support them with technology solutions to be more advanced and better equipped.We have agreed and raised over 60`000 Euro (50`745 GBP) which means we are able to deliver the first defence unit to Ukraine! Link to campaign: