First phase of project with Department of Optometry and Vision science LU ended

Testing of the perception of medical images on the LightSpace Volumetric 3D screen.

The research group of the Department of Optometry and Vision Science (University of Latvia) in cooperation with LightSpace Technologies is carrying out the research project “3D Volumetric Screen and Functionality of the Visual System”, which concludes the phase of testing the perception of medical images (developed research task) on the LightSpace volumetric 3D multi-plane screen involving medical professionals. The study was conducted in 3 largest hospitals in Latvia – the Children’s Clinical University Hospital (BKUS), the Pauls Stradiņš Clinical University Hospital (PSKUS) and the Riga East University Hospital (RAKUS). The study results soon will be reported and published on relevant scientific conferences. Some of the participants admitted that 3D visualization of anatomical structures is especially useful when doing an examination of various raw medical images. It also helps to reduce the visual load to the eyes. The study will be continued in the Year 2019.