LightSpace team rocks the AR VR world !

Lightspace Technologies engineering team has built and today started to test the worlds first solid-state multi-plane stereoscopic 3D Head-Mounted Display!

LightSpace Technologies have developed a revolutionary multi-plane stereoscopic 3D near-eye display technology to overcome accommodation-vergence conflict present at most of today’s available on market VR/AR HMD systems. The proposed revolutionary VR/AR hardware solution solves this by employing a scaled-down technology from LightSpace static multi-plane volumetric 3D displays.
Demo HMD comprises an optical system with 6 static simultaneous image planes for each eye placed at various distances in front of viewer covering whole 4 diopters optical space. 72 degrees horizontal field of view and 0.3m to infinity focused image depth.

Initial experiences of black/white 3D pattern appearance in demo unit observed by team members were following: most of them experienced viewing comfort, distinct 3D sensation, possibility to see optical depth with a single eye only, an equally good focus for test patterns for all distances in the whole observable field of depth.