LightSpace Technologies to receive 5.5M$ funding

Lightspace Technologies receives USD 5.5 million financing from HansaMatrix, backed by the European Investment Bank (EIB).

The purpose of the investment is to support research and development of Lightspace real-time volumetric 3D image display technology as well as further development of fabrication and industrialization process of key-enabling photonics elements.

Lightspace Technologies is the HansaMatrix group associated DeepTech company, a global leader in multi-plane volumetric 3D display technology with product range of large screen size front view 3D image displays, bench-top surface 3D image displays and recently released new revolutionary VR/AR headset – the Multi-plane Stereo 3D Head-Mounted Display that will be introduced to professional audience at the beginning of the Year 2019. Company supplies technology to medical, industrial, defense customers as well as licenses technology to Tier1 Augmented Reality automotive and consumer OEM’s.