Gen3 Volumetric 3D image display technology

The company announces the new concept of the volumetric 3D image products. The Gen3 LightSpace Technologies volumetric 3D image displays are built by combining

multi layer liquid crystal switching diffuser screen and mini/microLED projecting backplane.

Multi layer (-plane) volumetric screen visualizes 3D content with all essential physical and psychological depth cues. It provides visual comfort for human eyes for long viewing periods. Image planes has been projected into switching multi layer liquid crystal screen by colimated image projecting backplane.

Projecting backplane is built as flat mini or micro LED image emitting source with collimating optical array where each pixel has its own collimating micro optics projector with optimised optical system to provide required resolution and focus for whole image depth.

New Gen3 technology allows to develop compact solid state volumetric 3D image displays for use in wide variety of applications, from car and aircraft cockpits and professional 3D image workstations to larger size conference and event use 3D image displays. LightSpace volumetric 3D image technology allows to build media displays showing floating in mid-air real-time 3D image hologramms.

LightSpace is looking for partnerships with miniLED manufacturers to develop volumetric 3D projection backplane technology.