LightSpace team ready to demonstrate IG1000 demo.

You can even read a newspaper wearing new LightSpace multi focal mixed reality headset. Welcome to the demo on February 3-4.

LightSpace Team is getting ready to demonstrate next week at SPIE AR|VR|MR industry conference in San Francisco, February 3-4 its IG1000 concept demo. It is multi focal full color mixed reality headset with in-out head tracking. We can in high detail and fidelity and without any eye strain reconstruct visual 3D images even at 0.3m distance from eyes.

Mr. Ilmars Osmanis, company CEO will be giving speech “Multi Focal Near Eye AR Display Architecture to Solve the Vergence-accomodation Problem” at 2020 Industry Talks, Monday February 3, 9:50am
Dr. Roberts Zabels, senior market analyst, will be presenting more technical material at his speech: “Volumetric technology: enabling near-work compatible AR displays ” at SPIE Photonics West Technical session February 5, 4:15pm.

LightSpace Technologies – 3D optical solutions company which according to market analysts is global market leader in 3D volumetric and multi focal near eye display technologies.