iG2000 design for medical use proffessional AR glasses.

LightSpace Technologies have completed the design of worlds first “green” (low power) high resolution accommodating multi focal 3d image engine for its new medical use professional AR glasses – iG2000 platform.

Engines provide exceptional image quality using whole retinal resolution – 40 to 60 ppd (points per arc degree) accommodating at optical distance within range 0.3m – 2m. Through the optical design achieved image resolution which is the equivalent of 6K resolution computer display and perceivable quality allow near distance visualization of 3D medical images from various – MRI, X-ray CT and ultrasound 3D scans.

Engineering prototypes planned to be ready for testing and validation in Q4 2020 – Q1 2021. Unity 3D SDK will be provided as a part of a project. Alpha prototypes will be provided for validation and application porting to Early Evaluation Program partners.

Project has been financed by European Commission EIC accelerator grant agreement No. 960828 – “Next Generation Enhanced Augmented Reality 3D Glasses for medical education, pre-procedural planning, intra-procedural visualization, and patient rehabilitation — NGEAR 3D”