LightSpace 3D visualization toolbox for MATLAB


  • PRODUCT SERIES Software products
  • PRODUCT NAME 3D visualization toolbox for MATLAB
  • RELEASE DATE July 2017
  • STATUS beta release
  • Cathegory volumetric 3D software products

Scientific 3D Image output software

LightSpace Technologies have developed a 3D Toolbox for MATLAB that allows to render and visualize a scientific 3D content on the LightSpace multiplane (volumetric) and multiplane stereo 3D Display devices.

The functions of the toolbox render and display the selected scientific data set(such as 3D surface plot or vector field) on the 3D image display with selected rendering parameters (rotation angle, scaling of axis and others).

Animation of scientific surface or vector fields on Volumetric 3D Screen

3D toolbox allows to create animated process representation, where process iterations have been calculated by slower MATLAB routines and passed to 3D toolbox buffer at slower speed. When visualizing 3D toolbox shall run processes at faster speed and visualize surface or vector field waves at necessary iteration frequency.