Multi Focal Accommodating IG series AR glasses


  • PRODUCT SERIES Multi Focal IG Series
  • PRODUCT NAME iG1005/IG2000
  • RELEASE DATE expected Q1 2021
  • STATUS in development
  • Cathegory Multi Focal Accommodating AR Headsets

Multi Focal Accommodating IG series near distance AR glasses/headsets

Multi Focal Accommodating or IG series Augmented Reality Headset and Smart Glasses are aimed at professionals in fields of microbiology, medical procedures, digital/smart manufacturing providing visual instructions and guidance based operation, quality assurance, maintenance, repairs, education, training requiring visualization in full color, near (arms length) distance at high resolution and optical precision information graphic and 3D visual objects. IG series due to its accommodation principle of operation does not create Vergence Accommodation Conflict to human vision system.

LightSpace Technology’s AR headsets and smart glasses are vision enhancing devices that to some extent can correct human eye vision curves. They accommodate visual object field of depth continuously from 0.3m to infinity. The multi focal stereoscopic 3D optical architecture delivers continuous focus depth cues over whole displayable field of depth starting with 0.3m to infinity. As such it does not create vergence accommodation conflict which so far has been major obstacle in usage of VR/AR systems. In addition to that it does create outstanding 3D image perception exceeding image quality of high resolution (4K and foveated) VR headsets.

Multi Focal Accommodating IG-1005 AR headset

LightSpace Technologies IG1000/1005 AR headset designs are based around patented and patent pending multi-layer time-multiplexed volumetric 3D image near eye display. At the core lies the proprietary switchable multi layer liquid crystal optical device, developed by LightSpace Technologies, and a fast image projection. Miniature projection system is built around DLP or uLED image micro-projector. The system delivers high brightness perfectly registered parallel layers of high resolution image planes as a result creating multi focal accommodating 3D image representation capability, at the same time ensuring precise geometry of voxels across the whole field of view in all spatial coordinates.

Multi Focal Accommodating IG-2000 AR smart glasses

LightSpace Technologies IG2000 AR smart glasses are higher resolution and graphical performance design. The system delivers higher spatial and angular resolution in comparison with IG1005, at the same time ensuring precise geometry of voxels across the whole field of view in all spatial coordinates.

MODEL COMPARISON TABLE (preliminary specifications)




Image characteristics
X, Y resolution, perceivable pixels (voxels)
Number of accommodation focal planes
Horizontal field of view, degrees
Field of focal depth, m
Average inter plane distance, diopters
Image refresh rate, Hz
Color modes

Computer and software compatibility
Data interface
Supported operation system
Supported content


enterprise AR headset with multi focal
accommodation (high brightness)

evaluation prototypes available (IG1000)
beta prototypes in Q3 2020
production scheduled in Q1 2020

3.4K x 1.92K
45 (horizontal); 52 (diagonal)
0.3 to 4 (infinity)
below 0.7
RGB up to 24bpv

DisplayPort over USB-C
Win10, Linux
Unity3D, Unreal Engine, SDK


high performance professional 3D graphics
AR glasses with multi focal accommodation

in development, evaluation prototype in Q3 2020
beta prototypes in Q1 2021
production scheduled in Q3 2021

5.8K x 3.6k
50 (horizontal)
0.3 to 4 (infinity)
below 0.7
RGB up to 24 bpv

DisplayPort over USB-C
Win 10, Linux
Unity3D, Unreal Engine, SDK

Inquiries please address to info3d (at) or nearest office

Download marketing brief: MPB-2020-3-IG-1000/2000-SMART-GLASSES.pdf