Unity 3D rendering software plugin for volumetric displays


  • PRODUCT SERIES Software products
  • PRODUCT NAME LightSpace Unity 3D rendering software plugin
  • RELEASE DATE March 2018
  • STATUS beta release
  • Cathegory volumetric 3D software products

3D Rendering software

LightSpace Technologies have developed a Unity*) 3D rendering software plugin to support all LightSpace Volumetric 3D display devices including recently announced multi-plane Stereo 3D (mpS3D) head mount near eye display.

A presentation of 3D content in the form of a game or application on a true 3D capable display device leaves the best possible impression yielding the utmost promotional results. LightSpace Technologies sees the synergy between developers of 3D display technologies and the content creators as the basis for a better future, where augmented and virtual reality environments will assist people in their everyday life ensuring safety, guidance, pleasure and more.

Volumetric 3D Screen Plugin software for Unity3D

After adding the plugin to your project, any camera in the scene can be used to project onto the volumetric 3D display or mpS3D head set. You can use orthographic or perspective projection, and choose the depth of the scene using the near- and far-clipping plane: this will instruct the plugin of how to distribute the content among depth planes.

For added functionality and greater control over visual recpnstruction of the 3D content on display products by LightSpace Technologies, the supplied Unity plugin supports depth anti-aliasing, and color dithering. The depth anti-aliasing is invaluable when sharp “cut-out” effects between volumetric layers are to be avoided, and the content for head-mounted displays is to be rendered with the highest possible realism, whereas an option of color dithering, can become handy when color-critical wide-gamut scenes are to be presented.

*) These materials are not sponsored by or affiliated with Unity Technologies or its affiliates. “Unity” is a trademark or registered trademark of Unity Technologies or its affiliates in the U.S. and elsewhere.