View4X volumetric and 3D object image viewer on volumetric 3D


  • PRODUCT SERIES 3D content
  • RELEASE DATE August 2017
  • STATUS released
  • Cathegory volumetric 3D software products


Historically, as no alternative competitive technologies were available, for tasks related to air traffic control and military mission control, 2D displays have been utilized. As the conventional 2D display is capable of displaying relatively limited information, these limitations have been transferred to the process operators and coordinators which observe the on-screen information.

Advantages of using Multi-plane Volumetric 3D Image Displays:

  • Allows to visualize highly complex 3D data sets in geospatial relevance
  • Up to 40% faster situation awareness conclusions and decision
  • Eliminate accommodation-vergence conflict for 3D images – substantially reduce eye stress and eye fatigue – allow operators work longer hours and longer professional career without eye vision degradation

Download marketing brief: MPN-2018-24-MISSON-CONTROL.pdf