Lightspace and Teters launch a donation campaign to support Ukraine

Teters, a certified Latvian supplier and manufacturer of military weapons and equipment, launched a donation campaign to finance the supply of augmented reality (AR) assisted remote weapon systems for Ukraine’s armed forces.

“Our developed AR-enhanced remote weapon station will serve as an advanced defensive mechanism, allowing Ukrainian forces to act with a higher capacity, enhanced survivability and reduced risks due to the separation of the fire application point from the actual position of military personnel. The RWS allows for a range of advanced tactics already proven in the field. The use of AR glasses is a novelty which will further reduce limitations of this remote weapon, considering its use in highly dynamic scenarios,” said Andrejs Andrejevs, CTO of Teters.

The company has chosen Lightspace – a breakthrough AR technology provider – to be the remote scenario enabler. Lightspace is a manufacturer of Augmented Reality headsets intended for use in any scenario that requires remote assistance. Their headsets are the very first AR devices that reconstruct virtual objects up to the smallest detail, creating optically precise images, crucial for detecting the target position.

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