Lightspace Optics team working with an improved Optoalignment device

As the work continues on perfecting all components for the headset production, the Lightspace Optics team is now working with an improved Optoalignment device. An ultra-precision optical metrology device with expanded capabilities.

Now, it will allow the optics team to characterize not only spherical lenses but also aspherical lenses, as well as a certain range of free-form lenses. Three team members – Mārtiņš, Sandra and Rolands – have completed a course to use this equipment and the first measurement results have already been obtained.

This device enables performing a high-quality evaluation of individual lens elements as well as precision alignment of multi-element assemblies. The system allows swift non-contact measurements of lens centration tolerance, wedge angle and radius of curvature. Overall, it means an improved quality of Lightspace optical systems.