Lightspace takes part in the world’s first NATO operational 5G experiment

LMT, a mobile telecommunications operator, has launched a pilot Battlefield Information Management System project and has chosen Lightspace as its partner. 

The Mission Management System is an end-to-end situational awareness platform that facilitates safe and effective collaboration, interoperability, and information exchange among individuals and technical components in missions. The system works through augmented reality headsets which are provided by Lightspace.

Regardless of what is the type of mission – rescue, research, expeditions, training exercises – new information inevitably presents itself. A common issue is that often information is conveyed late and fragmented. The speed of 5G and the seamless 3D content integration of augmented reality can become a powerful solution to the problem.

To test out this project, the world’s first NATO operational 5G experiment, testing augmented reality solutions in the military field, was held at Europe’s first 5G military test site – Camp Ādaži. As part of the experiment, Lightspace headset and 5G system were used to optimize the way the technicians learn technical knowledge and skills, such as the remote piloting of military vehicles, and receive assistance from as many as several hundred kilometers away.

The 5-day operational experiment was attended by industry and media participants, as well as several high-profile Latvian public and military representatives, including Prime Minister Krišjānis Kariņš, Minister of Defence A. Pabriks, and Commander of the National Armed Forces, Lieutenant General Leonids Kalniņš. International allies were also present with NATO Deputy Assistant Chief of Staff, Capabilities, Brigadier General Ivar Knotten and US Office of the Secretary of Defence, Director of International – Future G, Larry Hencshel speaking at the demonstration.

The experiment illustrated that technological innovations play an increasingly important role in strengthening defense capabilities, especially during current security challenges in Europe.

Main photo: Gatis Dieziņš (Aizsardzības ministrija)