Lightspace team demonstrates its AR headset to Latvian cardio surgeons

After outstanding showcase of LightSpace IG1000 concept headset at SPIE AR MR VR 2020 industry conference in San Francisco, and following roadshow in Silicon Valley team is back to work – Well done everyone !
LightSpace team continues European Roadshow with its Multi-Focal Accommodating AR headset IG1000.

This week LightSpace MD Madara Kalnina-Kalmale with a technical team visited Riga Children Clinical University Hospital to demonstrate IG1000 to cardio surgery department. Discussions took place how surgeons (Dr. Valts Ozolins and his colleagues) can take and use most benefits of the new technological breakthrough (close distance visualization of highly detailed 3D images) in surgery planning phase. Further cooperation steps were discussed too.

LightSpace team demonstrated AR headset to researchers from Leading OEM medical technology company in Netherlands as well as Cardio surgery department doctors of Riga Pauls Stradins Clinical University Hospital, who enjoyed highly detailed 3D images showed by headset. Madara Kalnina Kalnmale LightSpace MD, suggested to look closer at images to see small details.
LightSpace team had valuable discussions for further work and potential joint research in using 3D AR technologies in clinical procedures.

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