Optics team working on a next-gen projector design

Using the headset in a healthcare setting means long hours will be spent wearing the device. To seamlessly integrate the device into any medical scenario, it should meet some essential preconditions.

Firstly, it needs to be gentle for the eyes, not causing a strain – which is already solved by Lightspace’s multi-focal technology. Then, the design must be compact and ergonomic, without losing a projection quality.

Lightspace Optics team is on the task, currently designing a next-generation projector using collimated laser illumination with novel homogenization optics, that means:
– more light will be obtained in a smaller form factor;
– a better image quality with a more simple projection lens;
– an overall more compact and lightweight device.

With this improvement, the Lightspace headset will truly blend in with day-to-day work.