The journey of enhanced reality began with the development of VR – a world completely disconnected from real life. It further evolved into augmented reality, overlaying the digital world onto the physical one. It was later enhanced by mixed reality, which allowed people to interact with virtual objects.

This time, it’s real. The fourth stage of innovation that delivers unbelievable extended reality in a way you can believe is already here – we call it Optical Reality.

Optical Reality is the market leading digital light field technology that works in sync with human vision. It’s an experience that neither you nor your eyes want to separate from reality. And we have a clear vision of it being an integral part of the modern workflow.

Infinite possibilities and knowledge right before your eyes.

Lightspace OR headsets create seamless visualizations that give you unprecedented control over your work while eliminating errors. Photorealistic, enhanced reality that unlocks the best result you could possibly achieve. It’s the workflow of the future – Immersive, interactive and it works perfectly with the tool you use and trust most – your eyes.

We know you’re already the best at what you do, but the ever-changing world demands constant improvement. Transform the way you work and be one step ahead!

Visualize medical data while you keep your eyes on the patient. Lightspace Optical Reality delivers high-resolution, true-to life 3D overlays to support any medical scenario. A powerful tool for the modern surgical workflow – from training to collaborating.

Optical Reality for your Operating Room

Made of medical-grade materials, lightweight and ergonomic, designed to blend in your day-to-day work.

Precise light field content at the nearest distance of any AR headset.

Depth awareness for true 3D world reconstruction in real-time.

Unique multi-focal technology that accommodates the eyes without fatigue.

Easily transformable for comfortable and efficient use.

Coming soon – consumer grade glasses

Right now Lightspace is working on feasibility studies of consumer-grade, lightweight Optical Reality glasses. Education, entertainment & everything else – right before your eyes – more real than before.

Our experience and know-how