Created to work perfectly with the tool you use and trust the most - your eyes

We have invented the world’s first multi-focal technology that uses multiple screens for eye accommodation that comes as close to natural viewing as possible.


Realistic AR images in a natural depth of field

Multiple focal planes, closest of them being 25cm from eyes, enables performing actions previously impossible with AR – surgeries, digital manufacturing, and other high precision activities.



Eye strain and VAC significantly reduced, enabling prolonged use

LightSpace AR headsets are multi focal accommodating. It reduces eye strain, Vergence-Accommodation Conflict and allows to view objects in near distance.



Designed to blend in your day-to-day work

Headsets are made of medical-grade materials that stand up to the most demanding requirements. Certified to
be in the operating room and other highly regulated environments.



The visionaries at LightSpace are here to help you take your vision to the next level of unlimited possibilities. Are you in?

Seeing is believing – contact us and be one of the first to try out Optical Reality.